Take time to Rejuvenate Yourself?

Relax, Release, and Recharge! 

Living a Healthier Life! 

Stressed-out Coaches & Parents

What would it look like to have Time for YOU with support to recharge?

Here are the reasons why you are invited to spend 5 days in the magnificent Mont-Orford National Park to rejuvenate yourself !

To foster self-discovery and experience personal growth 

To unwind and restore balance with Christine's support & guidance

To immerse yourself in the beauty of nature, present, and with a calmer mind

To gain perspective and clarity as you recognize & release the stressors 

To empower yourself and find your inner peace again

Christine Bernat is known for: 

  • - Helping you reduce your stress level in minutes

  • - Offering a deep appreciation and joy for the gift of life and helping others

  • - Having you experience a real transformation

  • -  Helping you feel and integrate a deep intense healing that shifts your life forward

  • - Creating a simple tool for children and adults to help them reduce their stress level on the spot, anywhere, anytime, with anyone

From July 30th to August 4th, 2024

Special Daily Activities to Support You on Your Journey Inward:

Day 1 - Fireside Chat after supper!
Enjoy a cozy fireside chat on the first night, get to know one another and recognize ech other’s values. Let go of your stress with an effective exercise before you settle in fora peaceful night surrounded by Mont-Orford National Park’s beauty! 

Day 2 - Visual Meditation by the Waterfall!

Rejuvenate at the river’s edge! Be guided through a visual meditation so you can feel a sense of freedom from the burdens of emotions, feelings, and thoughts which are no longer serving you. Feel the experience of being cleared and energized again with joy, inner peace & whatever is necessary for you in that moment.

Day 3 - A Quiet Conscious Awareness Hike!

Be in the present moment and enjoy a quiet conscious awareness hike - let Nature soothe away your troubles while connecting with its natural wonders as you inhale its scent deeply. Listen intently at how each leaf rustles gently with the wind. Observe bird’s calls echoing through branches above. Pay attention to other unique sounds throughout Mother Earth.

Day 4 - Sunrise Meditation on the Dock!

Experience the serene beauty of the early morning as we gather on the dock to watch the sunrise over the horizon. This is a wonderful opportunity to embrace the stillness of the moment and learn the transformative power of being present!

Day 5 - Departure Reflections by the River’s Waterfall

As our retreat draws to a close, it's natural to feel a sense of duality about returning home. On one hand, you may be excited to get back home. On the other hand, you may worry about losing the inner peace, calm, and renewed sense of direction that you've found during your stay. But rest assured, I’m here to help guide you through the emotions of departure. Join our awesome group for a reflective session by the river near the waterfall, where we'll explore your next steps and provide tools to stay grounded and centered even amidst the chaos of daily life. You'll leave feeling inspired and empowered to take on whatever comes your way!

This is not for you if: 

- You don't like Nature & the outdoors

- You’re not open minded to holistic methods

- You’re only wanting to only sleep 

- You're not ready to shift/change

Limited to 10 to 15 guests! I invite you to register and save your spot now to get away from it all, and immerse yourself in the majesty of Mont-Orford National Park for 5 days, with a group of heart-centred coaches & parents who want to go within to rejuvenate.

Are YOU ready to get away from it all and immerse yourself in the majesty of Mont-Orford National Park for 5 days?


If you choose to combine and discover the best of old and new in Montreal for an additional 3 days with Sheyla Paz owner of Sheyla Adventure Travel, LLC

I'm excited to say that I have partnered up with Sheyla Paz owner of Sheyla Adventure Travel, LLC She will take great care of your travel arrangements including lodging. (Travel and lodging costs are separate from the Rejuvenation retreat guidance by Christine). Sheyla and I connected a year ago. We knew we would work together in the near future. She is an experienced travel advisor who has been certified with over 5 years of experience in the travel industry. She will arrange your accommodations at Jouvence Inn located in Mont-Orford National Park. As well if you choose to add to discover the best of old and new in Montreal for an additional 3 days.

Once in Mont-Orford, Christine will be your guide to help you rejuvenate as you release stress & tension for a healthier life moving forward! This retreat is a game changer for your life! 

15 Guests Maximum

Price per person: $979

ONLY : $697 early bird price!!

(Once retreat payment is made

*You will see the link for your travel arrangements and meals on your thank you page.)


WE all know by now from countless studies that the leading cause of disease is STRESS! 

How do you prevent disease? In my experience, reduce the stress for starters! 

Having gone from hiking mount Washington to Being non-functional on all levels and accumulating diagnoses to finding solutions that worked for me and my clients!  I’m here to help you take time to rejuvenate now rather than later!

I’m Christine Bernat and now truly understand at a deep level of my being the importance of reducing my stress levels on a daily basis. If this scares you then this is not for you.

However, if you are like most leaders who understand the value of getting support when you notice you have been struggling at some level with keeping your stress down with all the demands of your life then you are in the right place. 

Maybe you stepped into your family’s or society’s expectations?

How are you feeling right now?

Do these shoes still fit?

Whether you did it consciously or unconsciously, is irrelevant at this point!

Let’s stick with the facts: you are no longer feeling your inner flame 🔥 burning?

You’ve partially lost your “Mojo”! It’s time to reclaim it!

Best way I know know how is to pause in Nature WITH SUPPORT!! 

Yes! I need a 5-day Pause in the heart of Nature at this picturesque Inn!

Yes! I want to reconnect to Me! Yes! I desire to rediscover what brings me joy 🤩!

Yes! I know I need support to make some lasting shifts in my life!

Yes! I totally want to rejuvenate where I’m at in my life right now!! 

Yes! I choose to experience a 5 day exclusive retreat! 

Yes! I’m exhausted from the rat race and deserve a getaway in the heart of Nature, Orford, Qc! 

Yes! I know I can do this even though a part of me is scared!! 

Yes! I want an accountability partner to keep me going after this amazing retreat


Super BONUS: We know Support is essential to continuously move forward in our life. So I want to support you for a full year!!! Starting now!! As soon as you have registered for the retreat you will get an email with a link to join my unique private FaceBook group “EFTtransformation to Freedom”, where you can hop on weekly facebook live to release and reconnect to yourself in minutes! Recordings are left in the group to watch at your leisure! 

  • 10-15 Guests Maximum

  • Price per person:

    $979. ONLY : $697

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